Our Frozen products are divided into the following sub-categories:

Frozen Fisheries: Fresh from the ocean and selected farms, our products include both marine and freshwater fishes. They are either caught from the ocean then selected to ensure freshness or harvest from selected farms that have passed standard inspection. We process various different kinds of forms and packings in accordance to our customers' preferences e.g. Whole Round, Headed & Gutted, Steak and Fillets. In addition, this range also included the Frozen Dried Seafood.

Frozen Prepared Foods: Not only selected high quality raw materials are used but our products are also delicately processed in order to ensure great taste that meets customer preference. Our products ranged from Frozen Soups to Frozen Ready Meals.

Frozen Fruits and Vegetables: A variety of fresh fruits and vegetables from growers across Thailand are selected and processed at our plant. The range includes both seasonal local fruits and vegetables such as Longan, Rambutan, Durian, Jackfruit, Lemongrass, Pandan Leaves, Galangal, and etc.

Frozen Desserts and Juices: We produce an assortment of frozen desserts and juices. Our products range from Frozen Tropical Fruit Juices and Purees to Asian Desserts including Curry Puff, Dumplings, Pandan Cake, and etc.

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