Our Core Values

Our Core Values (Q-CIRV) are a key part of our ongoing success. At Penta Impex, everyone is committed to the same core values that determine how we conduct business, frame how we work and define how we treat our peoples, suppliers, partners, and customers. 

Quality: At Penta Impex, we ensure that we deliver consistently high quality products with food safety to meet the customers’ and markets’ satisfaction. We strive to have continuous improvement for high quality people and excellence operations for the sustainable growth and high quality deliverables to our customers.         

Commitment: We believe that commitment is the integral factor to lead our company to sustainable growth. Individual’s commitment contributes to the success of the company. Here at Penta Impex, we committed to build trust and good relationship both internally among our peoples and externally with our suppliers, partners, and customers. 

Integrity: We stand by our strong believe in integrity. We are committed to ethical conduct as an individual and also as a company. We follow rules and procedures. We are honest, respectful, ethical, and fair in everything we do at all times with our colleagues, with our partners, and with our customers.

Responsibilities: We take full responsibility for our activities and hold ourselves accountable for our actions. We act responsibly to ourselves, our organization, suppliers, and customers.

Value: We are committed to have continuous research and development, excellence operations, and great people to ensure the finest products with the greatest value for our customers.







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