Preserved Fruits And Vegetables

Penta Impex is one of the largest manufacturers of preserved fruits and vegetables in Thailand. In producing fine fresh preserved fruits and vegetables, we follow the most important rule. We select the best quality raw materials. Fruits and vegetables should be firm and fresh. As a result, only freshly preserved fruits and vegetables from the fields are selected as raw materials and go directly to our processing facility through a dependable supply chain. After these selected raw materials arrive at our plant, they are immediately graded and processed in order to ensure the superiority of our preserved fruits and vegetables both in term of taste and appearance.

We manufacture all different types of fine preserved fruits and vegetables from fresh raw materials that are locally cultivated. We offer a wide range of suitable finished products in various forms.

  • Whole
  • Sliced
  • Strip
  • Minced
  • Puree

Our preserved products are available in various mediums including but not limited to brine solution to ensure freshness, vinegar solution to enhance taste and light syrup.

To further ensure various market needs we have many packaging size to meet different marketing sectors including Retail, Food Catering, and Industrial Food Processing.



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