Founded in 1983, Penta Impex

is one of the leading fine quality food processor and exporter in Thailand.


Through our experience and strong commitment to product quality and customers' satisfaction, we work closely with customers worldwide for innovative product ideas with flavours and tastes that suit different markets in different continents and continuously expanding the range of products we manufacture in order to allow us to be responsive and satisfy market needs.

With the experience, resources and capabilities we have been accumulating over the past decades, we are capable of mass customizing a variety of food products with cost planning in order to support our customers' needs and become a reliable solution provider for food products whom our customers can count on.



Presently, our products are categorized into five main core categories which are Premixes & Sauces, Preserved Fruits and Vegetables, Frozen Foods, Seasoning Mixes & Spices, and Retorted Foods. In each category we have a variety of selections and pack sizes available to serve the retailing industry, catering services and industrial uses.

Our mission does not only serve as a foundation that guides every activity carried out by both our management and employees but also enable us to effectively grow and expand our business relationship with our customers.

Since the founding of the company, we have been working relentlessly to determine and satisfy our customers' needs by providing products of the greatest value through innovation and excellence. We thoroughly understand that customers are the most important part of our business; as a result, we are highly committed to conduct business with uncompromising integrity as well as continuously attempt to serve our customers a way that allow them to maximize their business returns.



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